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Welcome To The Foamy The Squirrel Fan Site, Foamy Fanatics

Obey Your Lord & Master, Foamy!

News :
October 28, 2019: After about a 5 year hiatius, we are back. Working on updating everything.
Last Update: October 30, 2019; Latest Total: 364 Episodes On Foamiki. And 85 Comic Strips + 40 Topical Rants & 5 Fan Creations

Latest News

October 30, 2019:
Slowly updating everything and moving everything over to the Forum
October 10, 2013:
Slowly Moving Everything Over To The Foamiki
Got The Comics Moved Over And Added More
Got The Ordered By Release Moved Over

Beginners Guide To Foamy The Squirrel

Foamy Is Created By Jonathan Ian Mathers, The Offical Website For Foamy The Squirrel is iLL WiLL PreSS © 2002-2019
Foamy Started Out As A Gothic Comic Book And Is Now An Internet Series!
Foamy is for a mature audience however, there's expicities in most episodes...but there's just about something for everyone... Read More

Foamy The Squirrel Beginners Episodes

A Few Good Episodes To Start With If You've Never Seen Foamy The Squirrel
"Amityville Toaster" "Coffee - House Propoganda" "Hypnotic Foamy"
"The Wallet" "Free Your Mind" "Non-Holiday Special"
"Small, Medium, Large" "Foamy Fan Mail 4" "Foamy Fan Mail 5"
"Foamy Fan Mail 6" "Squirrel Songs" A-KON Special: "Rules For The Masses"
"Tech-Support" "Tech-Support 2" "The Jiggily Butt"
"E-mail Malady" "A Pair Of Pants" "Hand Made Clothes"
"Fat-Kins Diet" "Foamy's Rant 2" "Foamy's Rant 3"
"Foamy's Rant 4" "Hurricane Report Katrina" "Lewd Lingerie"
"Bra Bashing" "User Agreement" "Kosher Crackers"
"Words And Phrases" "Once You Go Black" "Useless Software"
Click Here For A Complete Episode Guide

History of Foamy The Squirrel

Quote From Wikipedia :

One review has described the comic as being a mix of "Tim Burton, Ren Höek (of Ren & Stimpy), Jhonen Vasquez, early Simpsons and a heaping dose of misanthropy." ... Read More
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We simply are a fan site trying to help spread the chaos of Foamy :)